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Actionable contextual data intelligence to better reach your audience.


About us

Direct and programmatic advertising is highly targeted. By setting variables, advertisers can automatically pinpoint the audience to deliver perfectly engineered messages. In this industry, every agency wants to optimize ad spend by converting leads into sales or social engagements. To do so, they make sure that each audience is presented with an ad that matches their interest, mood and localization.

The Pain / Current Limitations:
As advertisers increasingly use audience targeting, high relevance information/scores push the costs for ad space ever higher. Programmatic algorithms, based on real-time data can be tailored to hundreds of parameters, but these parameters only take in account the data provided by users or clicks.

Our solution:
At Spill, we bring a new set of parameters to understand the environment around the audience. Using our patent pending machine learning technology we can precisely know if users are using their mobile devices in meetings, trains or public transit, if they are laying down and much more. We provide context aware information to increase the success of each advertising campaign.

We provide non-intrusive information about behavior and environmental context to minimize the amount of wasted media. We enhance overall campaign effectiveness while making good use of the marketing budget to get the highest value for every impression.

One Step Further...

new categories for programmatic advertising


  • Device information
  • User interaction
  • Standing / Laying
  • Prime time
  • And more!


  • Car / Train / Subway / Monorail
  • Events
  • Crowds
  • Surroundings
  • And more!

Give a context for every audience

We provide insight for a more effective media placement.


What we have

Hand detection

Detect how users hold their devices

Physical position

Detect if users are standing, laying or sitting


Expand the information by collaborating with us


Detect how users are moving about


Get a sense of the immediate surroundings of the users


Get information on how the audience uses the devices

Welcome to SpillAd.com

How We Work ?

Our mission is to equip you with actionable contextual data intelligence to help you better reach your audience through our context aware technology.

We understand that the environment can influence human behavior. It is a vital component in generating an effective sells process. We work collaboratively with our clients to adapt our technology to their specific needs.

  • Idea

    Identify new contexts based on focus groups, brainstorming and industry insight.

  • P.O.C.

    Implement proof of concept with clients to optimize A/B testing and data gathering while reducing bottle-necks.

  • Plan

    Plan and schedule implementation with our team of engineers to meet all requirements.

  • Build

    Implement tailored solution with our patent-pending software and advanced A.I. tools.

  • Launch

    Roll-out solution and gather massive data sets for A.I. training to maximize accuracy and speed.

  • Analysis

    Do full analysis and run A.I. to fully label all relevant interactions allowing clients to gain great insight on the audience.

Simple integration

Our technology requires only a simple line of code in your ads containers. Get conversions and grow revenue with our new adtech solution to optimize your digital advertising spendings and performance.

Context aware categories

Increased accuracy in targeted advertising

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